Here's what our customers say...

"Bobby & Dandy is a treasure trove for both men and women".

Condé Nast.


"A real gem with an eclectic mix of heritage brands for men and women, cherry-picked by owner and former circus showgirl, Donna Grimaldi". 

Time Out London.

"I like your shop. I really like it, yeah."

Vic Reeves, Comedian.


"Bobby & Dandy is a charming little establishment in an area of Hove that makes for a very pleasant afternoon of vintage shopping. The delightful Donna is a welcome burst of vintage glamour in a shop stuffed to the rafters with men's and women's vintage raiment, with a generous selection of modish menswear and elegant gentlemen's accessories." 

Gustav Temple, Editor of The Chap.


I generally like to browse through vintage shops. My favourite is Bobby and Dandy in Hove where they specialize in stuff from between the 30′s and 80′s. The conditions of the clothes are really good and the price very competitive."

Men Style Fashion.